Preziose bontà

Culatello Cooked Ham

Culatello Cooked Ham
 This “Culatello” is a cooked ham produced from the heart of the pork’s leg.


no milk-derived no milk-derived
gluten free gluten free
without polyphosphates without polyphosphates
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“Culatello” cooked Ham “Preziose Bontà”. Its rounded taste is protagonist: intense aroma, delicate flavour.  This “Culatello” is a cooked ham produced from the heart of the pork’s leg.  A careful meat selection and constantly accurate checks bring to your table a complete product that will satisfy your hunger and whet your appetite. Contains no gluten or dairy products.
Product Code Description Weight (Kg) PZXCT Shelf Life
01135 Culatello prosciutto cotto "Preziose Bontà" 6,50 2 120

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