Segata ahead of its time is studying new "nutritional" labels


Segata is designing new labels for its charcuterie products, in compliance with the regulations of the European Commission 1169/201, to be applied from 13 December 2016, that require to include a chart of the nutritional value on all food labels.

Information on food labels is essential, especially in case of food allergies or special nutrition needs, and the choice of a product depends largely on the provided details.

The Italian food legislation is moving towards information and transparency, in compliance with a European trend.
Segata welcomes enthusiastically these new rules which imply greater attention to the customer’s needs, giving a chance to highlight the quality of the Segata products, and to make a difference from the ‘mass’ charcuterie market.

Segata pays special attention to food intolerance: Segata charcuterie is gluten-free, for the needs of celiac and gluten intolerant people, and is lactose-free, for lactose-intolerant people who can’t digest dairy products.
At the same time, the choice of raw products and of production methods is carried out to obtain the finest quality.

All the information will be included on the new labels, that are already nearing completion, to ensure that the requirements are met well before the deadline, which is on December 13, 2016.

Segata is studying the graphic design of the label, paying great attention to all consumers’ needs: not just accurate information, but also better readability and usability, to make sure that the customer gets the best possible service and result.
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