Milano Food Week

05/16/2014 - 05/24/2014

Milan hosts a week of events related to the theme of food: cooking shows, courses, lectures and original and funny initiatives, where you can learn and discover closely the flavors, tastes and colors of love for food in all its nuances.

The food becomes the leitmotif of seven days in which creativity, art, design come together to make unique and unrepeatable experience of living in the kitchen.

Milano Food Week is an important initiative for a dialogue between the territory roots and the ideas and inspirations of contemporary cuisine. This can happen through thematic events and hundreds of other initiatives that amalgamate food with design, fashion and wellness.

The meats and Italian specialties Segata fully reflect this challenge: tradition and innovation meet in taste and refinement of its products. Finger food, delicious recipes and meetings of flavors combine to expertly bacon, hams and specialties of the world Segata.
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Segata si compone di tre divisioni: salumi,, negozi.
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