Segata expands its range of sausages: Salame magro Il Cortese; smoked and sweet bacon cubes; Culatello Cooked ham

05/15/2015 - 05/31/2015

Segata took the opportunity of TuttoFood fair in Milan to present new gluten-free and lactose-free products: salami Il Cortese, smoked and sweet bacon cubes and cooked Culatello. Sausages born to give more range of choice to consumers.

Something special is the salami Il Cortese: produced from specially selected meat cuts, Il Cortese is a delicious lean salami made from very fine mince with an extremely low fat content. Contains no gluten or dairy products.
Features of this salami are the "ham" shape and a very elegant and fine packaging, making it an ideal sausage for sale in delicatessens, and groceries boutiques.

Culatello cooked ham is a cooked ham produced from the heart of the pork’s leg.  A careful meat selection and constantly accurate checks bring to your table a complete product that will satisfy your hunger and whet your appetite. Contains no gluten or dairy products.

Finally, a great classic of Italian cuisine: the cubes of smoked or "sweet" bacon. This meat is an ingredient that never lacks in Italian kitchens, adapting to many dishes and "strength" of the Italian cuisine. The bacon cubes are gluten and lactose free.
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