Segata signs a partnership with the Association of Chefs from Trentino

08/06/2015 - 09/12/2015

Segata company has signed an important partnership with the Association of Chefs from Trentino, which brings together professionals and young talents in the industry.

Stefano Goller is the President of this Association, counting more than 450 members, including pastry chefs and bakers from the club of Dolce Arte Bianca, the club of Women Chefs from Trentino and the Culinary Team from Trentino. This team of experienced professionals and enthusiasts intend to promote local products and give more visibility to the Trentino region through participation in events and national and international competitions.

The Association of Chefs from Trentino aims to help young chefs to grow and take part successfully in the labor market, tightening partnerships and synergies with training institutions of the area. It also plays an important role as an ambassador of the products and cuisine of Trentino, as part of a tourist offer that is considered among the best in Italy.

The close partnership between Segata and the Association of Chefs from Trentino shows a common purpose and vision in view of the enhancement of the gastronomic offer of the territory of the Trentino region. Through this partnership, Segata aims to enhance its range of meat products while promoting the local culinary excellence and the work of the chefs from Trentino.
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