Segata: sixtieth anniversary

01/01/2016 - 12/31/2016

Including advances, expertise and tradition is now time for the company Segata to celebrate an important goal: 2016 is, in fact, the 60th anniversary of activity in the production of cured meats.

It was 1956 when the company was born. In the shadow of the steeple of Sopramonte, a little town far from Trento, Fausto Segata opened a butcher shop in the Trentino town. That small workshop opened with sacrifice and passion was the first step from which he then developed the current company Segata charcuterie.

From a small village shop to the modern industry of the third millennium, within 60 years. Much progress has been made in this period, but the values that accompany Segata family have remained the same as sixty years ago transmitted with love by Fausto Segata.

Tradition, enthusiasm and dedication. And more quality, environmental sustainability, land typicality and authenticity of the products. These are the fundamental principles on which it is grown and developed the company.

2016 Today is the 60th anniversary of activity in the production of cured meats.
A true goal for the Segata family pursued with dedication, enthusiasm and passion. The path started by Fausto in 1956, valuing the love for his land and for its own territory.

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