Segata: speck and cold meats

Border land, rich in history and culture, the Trentino conquers the senses with its colors, with the scents of the pure and pristine, with the intensity of the silence of the woods. The cool breezes that caress its valleys are the result of the encounter of two climates: Mediterranean and Alpine, which merging, give rise to an environment unique and unrepeatable.
the origins in 1956
In 1956 in Sopramonte, a small town located a short distance from the city of Trento, begins a journey that tells exemplary with facts the tenacious  and authentic character of the Segata family , a history made of work, competence and attachment to its roots.
The story for us is very important: in fact, the company was founded in 1956, when my father opened the first butcher shop in the shadow of the steeple of Sopramonte, our country, not far from Trento. The activity is spread over the years, going in different production sites gradually larger.
From small workshop to modern industry of the third millennium. Much progress has been made, but the respect of ancient production methods remained unchanged.

speck: tradition and quality
The product that best characterizes us I think it's just the speck, a product that we produce with natural method, need only think that we still smoke with beech shavings by cold combustion and for us is certainly an important amount, we speak approximately 500,000 pieces a year which then we distribute throughout Italy and throughout Europe by our vehicles or specialist couriers.
environmental sustainability
Our company is an energy spending, so we had to think of a clear energy savings.
The solution that was more immediate, was the one of the co-generation, since we are both consumers of thermal energy and electrical energy. This solution allows in addition to a considerable energy saving, even a better optimization from the environmental viewpoint.

production space, production and quality at every stage
Production space on which we operate are about 30 thousand square meters of factory, formed by cells, seasoning cells and processing rooms. The 200 employees who work here will produce about one million kilograms of product per year.
The important numbers of production should not be misleading: the family supervise all moment of processing, and distributing of their products.
To ensure the highest quality in the distribution phase, we also closely monitor the entrance and exit of each vehicle. The deliveries of finished products are made respecting the cold chain, with our 20 vehicles and with the collaboration of highly specialized couriers.

speck and products of Italian charcuterie
Speck and others, the typical Trentino cold cut is supported by a wide range of products that meet the requirements of most demanding public.
Our product range is very wide: it consists of almost all products of the Italian delicatessen.

sausages gluten and lactose free
For us it is important to emphasize that all our products are lactose and gluten free. The continuous search for quality and improvement of our products has led us to create a new line in our assortment.
This line we called Tridentum, in memory our roots in Trentino.

Tridentum: top range sausages
The Tridentum includes our top products, those chosen by our most demanding customers. Are indeed the chefs and gourmets who use these products to prepare the most sophisticated and elegant recipes.
Declining values and ancient traditions in a modern way: this is the challenge that the consumer launches to those who create products for the third millenium tables . A challenge that the Segatas will face maintaining the same philosophy of the beginnings.

Our mission is the always the same: our desire is to reach the tables of our customers with specialties that enclose the values of freshness and genuineness typical of our territory, just like products of italian traditions.


Since 1956, a story that tells the secret of excellence by tradition
The artisan recipes of the Segata family are the secret behind the excellence of our products, which undergo careful monitoring throughout the processing stages, from sourcing – in fact we source our meat from the best certified farms – to processing, storage and packaging.

An old Alpine recipe, tradition at its best

Segata processed meats can be distinguished by the delicate flavour of each slice. This is thanks to the mountain air and to the Alpine recipes passed down to our master charcutiers. From a range of delicacies for the most appetizing hors d’oeuvres to the specialties of our local cuisine, you’ll always find the right Segata product for even the most demanding of palates.
Segata prides itself on bringing the authentic flavour of the Alpine woods of Trentino-South Tyrol to your table, with our prime quality pork, beef and horse meat products. We deliver worldwide, punctually and safely, to make sure that the distinctive velvety flavour of our cooked and preserved meats remains fully intact.

Today like yestarday, with a taste for the best

At the Segata processing plant, which covers an area of over 30,000 square metres, our master charcutiers prepare hams, sausages and salamis, cold cuts and processed meats according to the typical Alpine recipes. A method that guarantees the authenticity and quality of our products, which are appreciated throughout Italy and abroad.

A large assortment, with the same quality

Besides our processed meats and cold cuts, and limitedly to Trentino-South Tyrol, Segata also supplies hotels, restaurants and cafes (Ho.Re.Ca.) with specific gastronomic specialties.


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