Preziose bontà

Trentino Speck Preziose Bontà

Trentino Speck Preziose Bontà
Trentino Speck Preziose Bontà is ideal for those who love the tradition and taste of not too intense Speck. 


no milk-derived no milk-derived
gluten free gluten free
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Trentino Speck Preziose Bontà
Trentino Speck Preziose Bontà is one of the most popular regional specialities of Trentino: it is characterized by high nutritional value and a low calories level. The particular aging is recommended for those who love traditional but not too intense meat taste. 
Product CodeDescriptionWeight (Kg)PZXCTShelf Life
0020Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" whole 5,50 2 180
0022Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" whole vacuum 5,50 2 180
0030Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" whole skinned vacuum 5,50 2 180
0024Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" 1/2 vacuum 2,50 4 180
0032Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" 1/2 skinned vacuum 2,20 4 180
0026Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" 1/4 vacuum 1,20 10 180
0033Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" 1/4 skinned vacuum 1,20 10 180
0028Speck del Trentino "Preziose Bontà" slice vacuum 0,40 20 180

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